TurboFix: Quicker turbo spooling and anti-lag 2.3.0


TurboFix 2
TurboFix 2 overhauls how the turbo upgrade works, with meaningful performance increases and new effects.


Unlock turbo boost limits
The stock turbo upgrade only adds 10% torque when fully spooled up. This script unlocks that, allowing much more boost and output torque.

Quicker turbo spooling
The stock turbo upgrade takes several seconds to reach full boost, which is not realistic. This script allows it to spool up as quickly as real turbos can do.

Real anti-lag with effects and sounds
When releasing the throttle and/or staying off-throttle, the script can simulate anti-lag. Boost is kept high, allowing for immediate torque availability when going back on the throttle.
Default sounds by Dieguuuds
When used with Manual Transmission, the Launch Control assist will trigger the anti-lag two-step effect, if the trigger RPM is set lower than the Launch Control RPM

Works for NPCs
Not only the players' own car has the effects and power boost active, NPC vehicles are also affected. If used with a script like Eddlm's ARS, the NPC racers have access to the same improvements as the player.

Turbo dial customizing
With DashHook installed, the turbo dial can be remapped. This is useful to make the turbo dial behave realistically in (add-on) vehicles that have such a dial.


Installation and usage
  • Drag and drop TurboFix.asi, irrKlang.dll and the TurboFix folder to the main GTA V folder.
  • In-game: Immediately works for all cars with the turbo tuning option
  • In-game: Use "turbofix" cheat (without quotes) to open the menu (open the cheat box with tilde (~))
  • Menu can be used to view, customize and save configurations

The hotkeys, gamepad buttons or cheat code to open the menu can be changed in settings_menu.ini.

Configs can be manually made when not using the in-game menu, check TurboFix/Configs/INSTRUCTIONS.txt for info.

Sound sets can be added by creating a new folder in the Sounds folder. Files are:

  • EX_POP_0.wav
  • EX_POP_(number).wav
  • EX_POP_SUB.wav

E.g. to get 16 sounds playing, name your files EX_POP_0.wav through EX_POP_15.wav.

The script randomly plays a numbered exhaust sound. Sub always plays.

Recommended mods

A speedometer that can show turbo, or a vehicle with a working boost/vacuum gauge.

Let me know if I'm missing other cars or speedometers with working turbo gauges.

Known issues
  • Original game turbo sounds aren't overwritten (blowoff, original pops and bangs)
  • Tuned exhaust positions don't update (ptfx, audio)

Can this be ported to FiveM?
No. This is not a FiveM script, just a ScriptHookV script. I am not interested in converting anything to FiveM.

What are the default anti-lag sounds?

They are from Dieguuuds who extracted them from this EVO 9 anti-lag video, to whom I'm really grateful!

* Add boost falloff parameters, which can be used to simulate small turbos

  • Update default anti-lag soundset to a more realistic and subtle version, thanks to Dieguuds!
  • Remove Enable toggle. The script is always active.
  • Only support single model and single plate configs. Existing configs are still compatible, but only the first model and plate are used.
  • Move saving out of configuration menu, into its own menu, with multiple options.
    • Overwrite save: Save current settings over old settings
    • Specific save: Save current settings for the specific vehicle+plate combination
    • Generic save: Save current settings for the vehicle model
    • Non-associated save: Save without any autoloading capability

  • Add loading functionality: Any configuration can now be loaded into the current configuration.
  • Saving only asks for configuration name, as model is saved automatically. Install Add-on Spawner so the script can also always figure out the correct model name, to write to in the config file.
  • Add turbo stats on main page
  • Fix anti-lag soundset index for menu

Allow setting min RPM for anti-lag
Fix antilag on reverse
Fix issues when reloading a save
Minor bug fixes and general improvements

Support any number of exhaust sfx files.

It will search the sound set folder for any EX_POP_(number).wav file until it finds none. E.g. EX_POP_0.wav through EX_POP_15.wav

Fix config saving issues

  • Rewrite
  • Add anti-lag with sfx and ptfx
  • Add boost dial correction options
  • Add boost-by-gear
  • Run turbo script for NPC vehicles
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