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Rob Fleeca V2 by aimless, danistheman262 -

Full credit goes to aimlessfor the original mod found HERE
He has given me permission to update the mod.
aimless also provided the code for the vault hacking.

if you are getting any crashes please put Rob_fleeca_V2.pdb in your scripts folder then once you get a script crash send me your scripthookvdotnet.log info, this puts what line of code is causing the crash into the log

I HAVE A NEW DISCORD SERVER! if you are getting any errors or crashes please join my discord and post it there. it is easier for me to communicate on discord than it is here. you will also be able to access updates early on my discord, there will also be polls for what the next update should be. JOIN HERE:

- Script Hook V
- Script Hook V .NET
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

RobFleecaV2 gives you the ability to rob all 6 Fleeca branches around San Andreas. It is similar to the gta online Fleeca heist but it is also different, adding many new features into the mix.

I also recommend downloading aimless's Safe Cracker mod to go alongside this one for the best criminal experience.
The mod works with scripthookvdotnet 3.x.x , the only difference i have noticed between using 2 and 3 is that on 3, the cameras may require two shots to destroy, whereas scripthookvdotnet 2.x.x almost every time requires one shot to break the cameras. I had errors with scripthookdotnet3 when i had natural vision remastered installed. downgrading to scripthookdotnet 2 fixed it.

Drop Rob_Fleeca_V2.dll and RobFleeca.ini into your scripts folder
delete the old RobFleeca.dll and robfleeca.ini if you have them installed

press "U"(default, changable in .ini) out the front of bank on the sidewalk/street curb. banks are only open during the day.
changes in 0.3.0:
- Added stealth mechanic
- shoot the teller as soon as you enter the bank with a silenced weapon so he doesn't set off the alarm!
- stealth mode will not give you wanted stars
- loud mode (no silencer) will now only give you 3 stars just to balance loud and stealth mode so that they are both worth doing (you can change it back in the ini file though.)

changes in 0.2.5b:
- fixed the text "right arrow to cancel drilling" after you would pick up the cash resulting in a crash
changes in 0.2.5:
- bug fixes for the drill, you can now leave drilling without it crashing.(DRILL CONTROLS ARE MOUSE UP & DOWN, SCROLL WHEEL UP & DOWN)
changes in 0.2.4b:
- added duffel bag for drilling.
changes in 0.2.4:
- stealing cash now takes longer, animation plays 5 times.
- your player will obtain a duffle bag after stealing the cash. (works on Trevor, Michael, Franklin, MPMALE and MPFEMALE)

Changes in 0.2.3:
- fixed the hacking screen reappearing once the vault door opens
- made some changes to character placement when hacking
- added character placement and heading when picking up cash.

Changes in 0.2.2:
-added animations for hacking and grabbing cash.

Changes in 0.2.1:
- changed hacking activations key to "E"
- you can now back out of hacking by pressing "E" while hacking.
- changed the pickup cash button to "E"
- fixed .ini file so that the banks are not robbed by default. so replace your old .ini file
Changes in 0.2:
- Re-added markers (can be toggled in .ini)
- added an alternative way to breach the vault!! (hacking)
- hacking the vault can require you to hack two things
- if you set PLAYBOTH in .ini to False it will only play one of the hacking minigames.

Changes in 0.1:
- added to ability to steal cash instead of drilling a safety deposit box
- removed green/red marker out the front of banks(don't worry the activation radius is large)
- updated subtitles and notifications
- updated many blips
- Cash and Drill you can toggle in .ini file.
- if both are enabled it becomes a random choice,
sometimes you might drill sometimes you might steal cash.


Thanks to HKH191 for helping me with animations

I am open to feedback and suggestions, just comment it and i will consider.

ATM Robberies © All Rights Reserved
All files are owned by danistheman262, any modification, or distribution of this file without the written consent from danistheman262 is strictly prohibited.
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