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    @Adolf95 I'm looking at alternate methods of keeping the speed constant as I want to avoid relying on vehicle mass changes for the mod to work if possible (just to keep things working with the vanilla handling)
    @stillhere Funny you say that, your script actually inspired me to develop this! I also used your idea for locking the vehicle's rotation during impact, I hope that's okay!
    @GEL060 Thank you!
    @aleksey73 I apologize, but I really do not understand what you're trying to say. I am working on removing the explosions though.

    26 de Juliol de 2018
  • E30189 gta5avatar

    @littlefilms Thanks! I absolutely love that mod, and I use it as well :D
    @zzcool You should be able to brush up against cars to thrust them forward in my mod.
    @Unsearchably Thank you!
    @hossam_mekki Thanks! I did try to disable the exploding cars but I was unable to figure it out :( I would actually prefer it that way, and if anyone has any ideas on how to do that I would definitely try to make it an option.

    25 de Juliol de 2018