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    @Navid_Braj Installed and tested this car yesterday. Beautifully well done but I got two giant orange yellow color splotches on screen when hitting the brakes. Their massive and take up about 60% of the screen. Anyone else encounter this? Running 3028 version of the game with everything up to date for that version. Have about 20 cars installed and have not encountered this with any other car. Can post a screenshot or video if you want to see the effect.

    20 de Desembre de 2023
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    FYI for anyone using the Phoenix whether vanilla or with a replacer. The phoenix is not listed in VEH_POOR in the popsgroup.ymt for this mod so it will never spawn in Single Player.

    13 de Desembre de 2023
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    Question. Added a motorcycle and the name in the Add-on Spawner just shows up as "4rdv". I realize this is probably because the Mod Author didn't put the right information in the right fields and thus it shows up that way in the Spawner menu. Question is, what file and what fields would I need to modify in the mod to have the name of the Bike show up correctly in the Spawner?

    11 de Desembre de 2023