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  • 004412 monika discord4

    @NaijaMango not sure what's the confusion, you have the new icon in your screenshot. here's a comparison:

    03 de Gener de 2022
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @NaijaMango r* never deleted the old icons, they kept them alongside the new one. the new icon is showing fine on my end

    03 de Gener de 2022
  • 004412 monika discord4

    The 1.1 update is finally here!

    This update adds compatibility with The Contract (1.0.2545.0), ensuring that the Media Player and MOTOMAMI Los Santos icons won't disappear from the radio wheel anymore.

    In addition, to freshen things up a bit, weapon icons are now included! Currently supporting the Fire Extinguisher (icon made by myself), as well as my Flamethrower and the vehicle weapons on Digital Deluxo and Technical Torero.

    See you next time!

    02 de Gener de 2022
  • 004412 monika discord4

    5 years!

    Lore-less changelog:
    --- 08/11/2021 ---
    - Updated compatibility to GTA Online:The Cayo Perico Heist (v1.0.2245.0) and GTA Online:Los Santos Tuners (v1.0.2372.0).
    - Added six new plates: 5th Anniversary Plate, Cayo Perico, Cayo Perico (Worn), San Andreas (Green Vehicles), New Austin, New Austin (Centennial)
    - Updated the original "Coloverdo" plate. It's now "Ambarino" plate, named after the state in Red Dead Redemption II. The original "Coloverdo" variant is now optional and can be found in "alternative variations" folder.
    - Updated the original "Miami" plates. It's now "Pantera" plate, named after Florida's state animal, and now features a palm tree over the state outline. The original "Miami" variants are now optional and can be found in "alternative variations" folder.
    - Fixed an issue where the Liberty City (Crosswalk) plate would use the "Liberty" embossment rather than "Liberty City".
    - Updated random chance carvariation files with the new plate. The chances are:
    - 50% for Cayo Perico Plate [Vapid Winky, Mammoth Squaddie, Dinka Verus, HVY Vetir, and Maibatsu Manchez Scout only]
    - 50% for Cayo Perico (Worn) Plate [Vapid Winky, Mammoth Squaddie, Dinka Verus, HVY Vetir, and Maibatsu Manchez Scout only]
    - 5% for San Andreas (Green Vehicles) [hybrid and electric cars only]
    - 4% for New Austin [select vehicles only]
    - 2% for New Austin
    - 2% for New Austin (Centennial)
    - 1% for Cayo Perico Plate [Albany Hermes, Enus Stafford, Grotti Brioso 300, Maxwell Asbo, Vapid Speedo, and Weeny Dynasty only]
    - 1% for 5th Anniversary Plate [select vehicles only]

    --- 08/11/2020 ---
    - Updated compatibility to GTA Online:The Diamond Casino Heist (v1.0.1868.1) and GTA Online:Los Santos Summer Special (v1.0.2060.0).
    - Added four new plates: 4th Anniversary Plate, Robada (Classic), San Andreas (Veteran), Willsylvania
    - San Andreas (Veteran) has a sticker-less variant.
    - Updated the original "Maraisiana" plate. It's now "Lemoyne" plate, named after the state in Red Dead Redemption II. The original "Maraisiana" variant is now optional and can be found in "alternative variations" folder.
    - Actually published with the 08/11/2021 update due to the pandemic.
    - Updated random chance carvariation files with the new plate. The chances are:
    - 1% for 4th Anniversary Plate [select vehicles only]
    - 1% for Robada (Classic)
    - 1% for San Andreas (Veteran)
    - 1% for Willsylvania

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    11 de Agost de 2021
  • 004412 monika discord4

    I rarely ever leave ratings, especially negative ones, but I need to get this out there because a change needs to start happening. This car has a plethora of issues, which you even had the audacity to charge people for before you released it.

    Let's start with the first issue, one that greets everyone before even installing the mod. The .zip contains the dlc.rpf on its own. There are no readmes, and there is no folder for the game to read (Ex.A ). The 5mods' page description gives install instructions, and even names the folder, so I find it mind-boggling why you haven't put the .rpf into a folder in the .zip. This wasn't a problem for me, having years of experience modding the game, but imagine someone completely new to modding downloading a zip archive with the .rpf just floating there.

    Now, moving on the car itself, there is a lot to cover. A LOT.

    I'll start easy - the language files. First, the Simplified Chinese language (chinesesimpdlc.rpf) is missing. It's been a language in the game for over 3 years now, it's time to get with the times. Next, the vehicle name is "Annis Elegy RH6" (Ex.B ) - the VEHICLE NAME. Meaning that in-game it displays as "Annis Annis Elegy RH6" (Ex.C ). I am baffled at how can someone see this and think 'this is fine', considering you literally see it whenever you spawn the car. It's something that you can notice within 5 SECONDS of beginning QA testing on the car.

    Dirtmapping on the car is decent enough... until you get to the front of the car, that is. I have no idea how did that happen, and I have lesser idea how did you miss this considering you did give the car an alright attempt at dirtmapping, but the dirtmap on the front bumper specifically is all messed up (Ex.D ). And seeing how it is properly mirrored, it is absolutely not Zmodeler corrupting it.

    Speaking of Zmodeler - it is very obvious you're using a cracked version. The interior is supposed to be paintable, as, upon investigation, taken from the Elegy Retro Custom, except you cannot actually paint it in game. The seats and doorcars remain permanently white (Ex.E ). For those who don't know how exactly it correlates with cracked Zmodeler - the widely available version, 3.1.2, does NOT support extra colors added as part of GTAO updates. So when you export a vehicle, you're limited to the four colors (primary, secondary, pearl, wheels). Dashboard uses color 5 (or "6" as Zmod calls it for whatever reason) which Zmodeler was unable to export until version 3.1.5 I think. I really don't care if people use legit or cracked, but you make $68 on Patreon every month so can't you spare the $5 for a Zmod license so that you can release something that isn't made from a downgraded parts bin?

    I don't know where the wheels are from, but you overlooked an important aspect of the wheels. If you burst the tires, it deletes a part of the rim (Ex.F ). You can fix this by playing around with the "wheelScale" and "wheelScaleRear" values in vehicles.meta - it won't take that long to get it close enough to looking good.

    The handling is literally a copy-paste of the Elegy Retro Custom (Ex.G ), so it's essentially a waste of space. If you wanted to reuse handling, reuse it. Don't copy and paste with a different name. It's an extremely bad practise.

    BUT what's a WORSE practise is duplicating carcols.meta entries. Not only the modkit inside the file is a duplicate of 0_default_modkit, it's also an OUTDATED DUPLICATE. Do you realize that modkit conflics break modkits?? If you tell the game to load two separate modkits with the same ID, it will either break either one of the modkits or break a completely different modkit. In this case you also duplicated the name. If it weren't for the fact that update.rpf overrides everything, you would essentially be breaking the default modkit on HALF THE CARS IN THE GAME with an OUTDATED DUPLICATE. Did you have ANY idea what you were doing at all?

    Another thing, which I'm also unsure how in the world you would miss that, the light coronas are all sorts of fucky and absolutely NOT fitting the car (Ex.H ). It's even worse when you hit the brakes (Ex.I ). You are using light ID 86. Those are the lights used on the Vapid Blade... Iiiii cannot even comprehend what gave you the idea to do this. Use the default light ID (0) or Elegy Retro Custom light ID (107), or make your own custom light ID BUT only do that if you have any idea what you're actually doing.

    The spoiler has no collisions. Here is a screenshot of the car (Ex.J ), and here is a screenshot of the car's collisions (Ex.K It literally takes one gunshot at it to figure out "hey, something's missing", the more of these kinds of obvious issues I find the less I think you spent any actual time testing the model in game.

    The RH6 badge on the left side of the car is partly cut off (Ex.L ) - right side for reference (Ex.M ). It's not that noticeable, but still rather unpolished.

    Door gaps are a matter of preference so I won't nitpick on those (although it is preferred to use vertex-painted doorgaps as seen on Rockstar's DLC cars from the past 3 years), but there's one specific are where they look terrible. That area is the hood. One side is correctly chamfered, while the other is a 90 degree angle (Ex.N ). I can't even imagine- ah, whatever, you get the point by now. It looks jarring when you can see the detail2 texture in the gap, it looks like someone put on a hood that doesn't properly fit the car.

    When mirroring the model, you didn't actually weld it. This is noticeable in the interior when you look up and can see the sky (Ex.O ) - note the dots. Weld it, please.

    On the sides of the car, between the wing panel and the skirt, there is an obvious hole (Ex.P ). And, speaking of holes, there is another one at the vent on the front bumper (Ex.Q ) not to mention some weird polygon sticking out.

    The window defrosters inside the car look like someone snapped it (Ex.R ). If this defroster was a human bone, it'd certainly be very broken. It looks perfect on the outside (Ex.S ), so why isn't it the same on the inside?? Window-making is not rocket science. You have an exterior window, then you make a copy of it, flip it, move it forward a little, and reassign materials, and then attach it to the exterior window object, and there it is; a full window with the exterior and interior part being identical. Even beginners don't mess this up THIS badly.

    The headlights are flat and awful. The problem here is that you made the chrome housing for the light... a light itself (Ex.T ). But wait, the chrome housing behind the light DOES exist (Ex.U ), and it has terrible normals too. Make the light part convex, and it will look good. See how it's done on Rockstar cars. Hell, see how it's done on YOUR car on the indicators and tail lights. How did you get those right but screwed up the headlights really is beyond me.

    Vertex paint also seems lacking, which produces holes in certain places when the car gets deformed. Vertex paint for burn overlay is present, which is odd, because then it means you never bothered with the deformation paint, or painted it improperly, or it's just the lowpoly nature of the car in certain areas (plus the lack of welding) causing this.

    Although I am not the one to talk about car normals (considering my Coquette Phobos), it looks as if you took the entire model and recalculated ALL normals on it. This is bad, because when you recalculate the normals, it takes into account the seams in the mesh. As a result, those seams are visible all over the model. I will use the mirror as an example: (Ex.T ). It's like that all over the model. Oh, and also note ANOTHER hole, between the door and the plastic frame next to the mirror. There is also a bunch of shading issues all over the car, making it look pretty dented in some places (Ex.U ). For a Forza convert this is pretty ridiculous. Then again, you probably took the model from a GTA SA car mod, didn't you?

    Speaking of Forza converts. Yeah. This is basically a rebadged R34. You can literally see the badge (Ex.V ) on your public Patreon post (Ex.W , Ex.X ). There is nothing wrong with using real life car models and reshaping them to give them a lore friendly appearance. Thundersmacker did this several times, and it worked. So I have no doubts that you could make it work, if you had tried a little harder to change up the details.

    To give credit where it's due, the LODs are not a bad attempt. You certainly put more effort than certain other lore friendly modders do. Even though it's not a good practice to be straight up deleting the interior and other parts on lower LODs, it is appreciated that you reduced the poly counts to levels that actually more-or-less match Rockstar cars. There is some questionable choices here and there, such as on LOD2 where the front of the car is still from LOD0 while the rest of the car has a significantly reduced poly count (Ex.Y ), but hey if it works it works. Still, this is something you should definitely try to improve at in addition to everything else.

    Finally, to release such a car without ANY customization is a sin. Skylines, although I consider them a little too overrated, are some of the most customizable (and customized) cars in the world. So to make a lore friendly Skyline without any customization options is just abhorrent, and it's understandable why JDM fans are pissed off.

    All in all the quality of this thing is comparable to a pre-patch Jester Classic and should have absolutely NOT been released in this state. It really looks like an attempt to release your version before Vanillaworks releases theirs, which isn't even complete to begin with. What's worse is that before the 5-mods release you were selling the car to your Patrons, and something of this quality should NOT be sold. If I were one of your Patrons I would legitimately feel scammed. You should also consider fixing up your attitude, because reading one of your earlier (now-deleted) comments (Ex.Z ) it seems that you don't care about who's models you convert or what kind of quality you sell them with, and if that's the case then don't expect people to give you any sympathy now and in the future.

    I hope you can take some of those words into consideration (and hopefully they won't be lost through a language barrier) and improve where needed. I do not like to give 0.5 star ratings, however in such cases I feel like I don't have a choice. I also hope I provided adequate justification for such rating and sentiments shared by myself and others in past and present instances of this mod's comment section.

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    20 de Març de 2021
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @HampeS98 i would recommend a video of you going through every station on the wheel, but few screenshots could work too

    27 de Desembre de 2020
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @HampeS98 i'm gonna need more details. which stations are missing? what game version are you using? do you have any addon stations installed, if so which? also keep in mind this adds support for icons, it doesn't add stations themselves, those are added with separate mods.

    27 de Desembre de 2020
  • 004412 monika discord4

    1.05 update adds compatibility to The Cayo Perico Heist (1.0.2189.0), as well as adds Spotify Radio and Chatterbox FM icons. Thanks to sjaak327 ( for helping me with testing.

    It is advised to update your mod with the latest version of the HUD, or to let the downloaders know to update to this one. Certain icons were shifted to future-proof against more Rockstar radios and using an older version of the .ytd on a new .gfx (and similarly old .gfx on new .ytd) WILL cause issues.

    26 de Desembre de 2020
  • 004412 monika discord4

    it annoys me to no end how out of place those icons look in vanilla gta

    25 de Desembre de 2020
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @prince_linus can you record a video of the issue? also it's not meant to display the unused slots.

    24 de Octubre de 2020